Real-time visualization of a ball’s flight path that completely transformed the golf viewing experience


Toptracer is a CG analysis system that visualizes the trajectory of a golf shot. It has been introduced in live broadcasts of the PGA Tour, European Tour and other golf tours and tournaments around the world since 2007.


In addition to tracing the trajectory, the system can now show carry and total distance. These features were introduced in the US Tour in early 2013 on a trial basis, and in the European Tour in the summer of 2013.


In 2015, Toptracer was introduced in USGA events such as the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open, and U.S. Senior Open. In 2016, the system was further improved to show every aspect of a shot in data.


With an exclusive contract with Topgolf Sweden in Japan, we have rich experience in managing live broadcasts including the Japan Golf Tour, USPGA Tour and Asian Tour.

  1. 弾道のグラフィック表示に加え、キャリーおよびトータル飛距離を表示
  2. イーサネット端子を備えた中継システムの導入により、カメラ用OPTIケーブル1本で映像と弾道データの伝送が可能
  3. ワイヤレスカメラとの組み合わせにより、ティーショットに限らずセカンドショットなど、さまざまな場所での弾道表示が可能
  1. In addition to ball flight trajectory, carry and total distance are displayed.
  2. With camera systems equipped with Ethernet terminals, video and ball flight data can be transmitted using an OPTI cable.
  3. Using a wireless camera, trajectory graphics of not only tee shots but shots from anywhere can be shown.